8 Bit Obituaries 06

by Sage G.C.

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The idea behind 8 Bit Obituaries is to create eight 8-Bit style songs daily for eight consecutive days. Each song is subsequently titled after a character and tells the story of their life and death. Unlike previous years, 06 tells one continuous science fiction story about a hired crew of eight astronauts out on a mission to find a planet named Geminis and save a Brother/Sister soldier duo that have gone missing there (their obituaries can be found in 8 Bit Obituaries 03). There are interspersed Chapters where a Narrator guides us through the story, as well as lyrics sung by the respective character within each song. Be sure to follow along.

The depth of 06 surprised me. 8 Bit Obituaries has always been about small stories, but never had I expected to pull off one so emotionally and technically ambitious within the eight-day time limit. Nonetheless, it happened. I think, by shooting for the stars, 06 turned out to be the best year yet.

Yet I can't help but feel like there's still more to the story of Geminis...

I hope this album is pleasing to fans of both chiptunes and general electronic music alike.


released February 23, 2016

All music written and recorded by Sage G.C.
Additional vocals on "The Mother" and "The Father" performed by Kirstin Pieschke.



all rights reserved


Sage G.C. Benicia, California

My goal is to tell stories, explore my mind, and create the music I didn't know I wanted to hear. I genuinely hope there is something enjoyable here for you.

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Track Name: [Chapter 1]
[Lights up on a crew of Spacefarers hired for rescue. Their mission: find the mysterious planet Geminis where two soldiers lost contact. A Brother and a Sister. Their status is unknown.

The first to fall was their pilot.
Old and frail, but beyond ambious.
As his PTSD turned to heartache, the journey would immediately prove to be one of great turmoil.]
Track Name: The Leading
Mission has begun
I won't fail them
Not again
No, not again

Take us home

Mission has begun
I won't fail them
Not again
No, not again

Let me lead them to death
Let me lead them to life
Through all our stars and strife
Let me lead them tonight
Track Name: [Chapter 2]
[Without a pilot at the helm, the crew began to panic and argue. But the trek had just begun! They knew success was still possible and seeked out the first step: a well guarded map in the hands of Nnast, the arrogant World Leader of Kherut-9.

Unfortunatley, diplomacy did not go as smooth has they had hoped. The crew's Diplomat found his hands tied in a sticky situation.]
Track Name: The Diplomat
All these fools and they never give up
Stubborn in their ways, causing a rut
I put on a face and play the game
No more identidy, not even a name

Tell me who do I convince
When I don't believe myself
I've lived a lie, fight to die
Cut from the words of the dragon's mouth

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But the weight of the words are what crush me
Track Name: [Chapter 3]
[Nnast's guards appeared from dust and assassinated the Diplomat. The dictator turned his back to the spacefarers and withdrew into his palace. They stood still. Foiled again before the journey could even start.

But one crew member wouldn't stand for such atrocities. He charged into the palace with rage flowing from all fronts.]
Track Name: The Aggressive
I've got nothing but hate left
I've got an axis to grind
I haven't felt betrayed yet
Let's fill these hands of mine

Just try me

Take it
Here. Quick
I'm gone..
I'm out......
Of it.............

T'was worth it.
Track Name: [Chapter 4]
[They barely made it out alive. And one of them, well, did not. But they had the star map that would point them to the right system, and even with three lives lost, their year-long cruise could now truly embark.

Four silent months passed. The crew found it difficult to relate to one another, in fear that they would simply be creating another soon-to-be-dead friend.

To grab supplies they made a stop on the horribly humid planet Terrigone. Its landscapes are known to intoxicate and inspire curiosity. This effect infected The Deserter, and she found herself roaming deep into the forest. Alone.]
Track Name: [Chapter 5]
[The nameless crew waited for a week, but The Deserter never returned. They had no choice but to move on.

After months of drifting through space they finally arrived within the Geminis solar system. It was a remarkably beautiful rock, with royal purple foliage and crystal clear seas. They couldn't wait to land and explore. Finally there was hope in finding The lost soldier Siblings.

But smiles tunred to worry as the ship penetrated the atmosphere and the crew found themselves scatered in the middle of a warzone.]
Track Name: The Doctor
No. No. No. No.

Savior of all who've fallen
All while digging my grave
Can't bear to watch them crawling
Good health is all I've craved
Track Name: [Chapter 6]
[The battlefield was evaded, but The Doctor could not save The Huntress. Her leg had been disentegrated by a Searer. The remaining crew members had no choice but to crutch her away as The Doctor's life faded.

After hours of painful hobbling, the three survivors stopped pondside. The Hunteress admited her demise. The bleeding could not be stopped at any rate. This was her end.

And so, with her remaining energy and on the brink of conciousness, she set out on a hunt for fierce, edible game. One last time.]
Track Name: The Huntress
One last death
To give me life
I sink my last breath
Into this knife
Track Name: [Chapter 7]
[It was down to two. The Huntress provided them with enough food to survive several days in the thick of the Purple Rainforest. Roaming in serach of The Brother and The Sister. If they were even still alive.

But morale was low. And, to The Mother's dismay, it was only going to get lower. The Biserath that was slayed by The Huntress had a family of its own, and in its death cry, called out for help.

The hunters became the hunted, as predators followed their every step and waited for the right time to strike. The Mother was the easier of the victims and therefore fell first.]
Track Name: The Mother
As I leave you
Don't forget why
We came through
For our children
I die
But you go on
For me, hold on
Track Name: [Chapter 8]
[The world stood still as The Father held his better half in his arms for the final time.]
Track Name: The Father
[Then the world began to spin. Biserath hoards were swarming every corner of the forest. The Father had no choice but to leave The Mother's body behind.]


[The Father ran as fast as his feet would let him.
Tripping over vines and large insects.
Scraping his skin on bark and dirt.
Pushing through razor sharp leaves.
Biting through wet cobwebs.
He had never felt adrenline like this before.
This was new.
Thick and consuming.
It was food for his numbed existence.
He pushed on as best as he could.
The words of his wife echoing in the tunnel in mind.
But no bright light ending was in sight this time.]

This planet will not be my grave

Geminis may have taken my family's life
But it won't take mine

[The Father recalled his path and made way towards the ship.
Not only animals but sentient enemies were attempting to strike him.
There were no other options but victory, he would escape this place.
Geminis would not become the wretched tomb of his name.]

This planet will not be my grave
Their deaths will not be in vein

[And there it was.
Bruised and damaged.
Barely breathing.
I closed the hatch and began to take off.
This rock was beneath me.
No looking back.]
Track Name: [Epilogue/Epitaph]
[I never found my daughter or my son. Its more than likely that they lost their lives to Geminis four years ago. But. I try not to think about that.

The ship ran out of fuel in about three days. I have been floating through nothing ever since. At this point there is only enough oxygen for me to survive the next hour. Which means, unless The Universe decides to change my fate, I will die here alone. Maybe that's the way its supposed to be. Maybe that's just how my story ends.

Part of me wishes that I could have died alongside my family. But I do not think that's what they would have wished for. At least up here Geminis can curse this family no more.

So I suppose that's it then. I float for another hour, with the lives and deaths of so many behind me. Within me. Perhaps one more is all it takes to end the cycle.

So much weight. I can't lift it anymore. I'll just let it sink in. Apply pressure to the soul. Drowned in this absorbing farewell.

My eyes are closed now. And so is my story.]